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Upland Lemon Festival

The Upland Lemon Festival in Upland, California, is a citrus celebration like no other, bringing together residents and visitors for a vibrant, fun-filled event. This annual festival is a beloved tradition that pays homage to the city’s citrus heritage while offering a wide array of entertainment, food, and activities for all ages.


Upland has a rich history of citrus cultivation, with lemons playing a significant role in the city’s heritage. The Upland Lemon Festival is a lively and engaging way to honor this history while creating a memorable experience for the entire community. View More 


The Upland Lemon Festival typically takes place over a weekend in April. The festival is held in the heart of Upland, often centered around Downtown Upland, which is transformed into a bustling festival ground. The central location ensures easy access for residents and visitors alike.


One of the festival’s main draws is its live entertainment. From local bands and musicians to well-known headliners, the event hosts a variety of performances that cater to diverse musical tastes. The lively music adds to the festive atmosphere, providing a soundtrack for the weekend’s festivities.


Foodies rejoice at the Upland Lemon Festival. The event features a wide selection of food vendors offering everything from traditional fair food to creative lemon-inspired dishes. Lemonade, lemon-flavored treats, and citrus-infused culinary creations are a highlight, allowing festival-goers to savor the citrus theme.


The festival includes a bustling vendor marketplace where local artisans and businesses showcase their wares. Visitors can explore a variety of products, including handmade crafts, art, clothing, jewelry, and much more. It’s a great place to shop for unique and locally crafted items.

The Upland Lemon Festival is a family-friendly event. In addition to the music and food, there are numerous activities for children, including carnival rides, games, and interactive exhibits. The festival’s kid-friendly atmosphere makes it a great outing for families.


The festival brings the community together, fostering a sense of unity among Upland’s residents. It provides a platform for local organizations, nonprofits, and businesses to engage with the public and raise awareness about their services and causes. The festival also supports the local economy by attracting visitors to Upland.


During the Upland Lemon Festival, you can expect parades, contests, and competitions that add to the entertainment. These activities range from lemon pie-eating contests to lemonade stands. They’re all part of the jovial spirit that defines the festival.


The Upland Lemon Festival is a lively and engaging event that celebrates the city’s citrus heritage while offering entertainment and activities for all. Whether you’re a resident looking to enjoy a fun weekend or a visitor exploring the local culture, the festival provides a memorable experience that captures the essence of Upland’s history and community spirit. Next Article

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Upland Lemon Festival
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