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Upland Hills Country Club

Upland Hills Country Club in Upland, California, is a premier destination for golf enthusiasts and those seeking an upscale social and recreational experience. With its beautifully landscaped golf course, modern amenities, and vibrant community, the club offers a well-rounded lifestyle for its members and visitors.


The centerpiece of Upland Hills Country Club is its meticulously maintained 18-hole championship golf course. The course is renowned for its challenging layout, scenic beauty, and well-manicured fairways and greens. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a novice looking to improve your game, the course provides an enjoyable and challenging experience for all skill levels. View More


The club offers professional golf instruction for members and non-members alike. Experienced golf pros are available for lessons, clinics, and group instruction, helping players enhance their skills and take their game to the next level. The club’s practice facilities, including a driving range and putting greens, provide ample opportunities for golfers to refine their technique.


Upland Hills Country Club is not solely about golf; it’s also a social hub. The club features a restaurant and lounge where members can dine, relax, and socialize with friends and fellow golf enthusiasts. The dining options range from casual to fine dining, catering to different preferences and occasions.


The club regularly hosts events and celebrations, making it a popular venue for weddings, private parties, and corporate gatherings. The picturesque surroundings, including scenic views of the golf course and the San Gabriel Mountains, create an ideal backdrop for memorable events. The club’s dedicated event planning team ensures that every occasion is a success.


In addition to golf, the club offers fitness and recreational facilities, including a swimming pool, tennis courts, and a fitness center. These amenities provide opportunities for members to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle beyond the fairways.


Upland Hills Country Club fosters a strong sense of community among its members. Regular social events, tournaments, and activities bring people together, creating lasting friendships and a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


Membership Opportunities: The club offers various membership options to suit different preferences and needs. From full golf memberships to social memberships that grant access to the club’s dining and social events, individuals and families can find the right membership to match their lifestyle.


Upland Hills Country Club in Upland, CA, is a premier destination for golf and social activities. With its championship golf course, golf instruction, dining options, event facilities, fitness amenities, community spirit, and membership opportunities, the club provides a well-rounded experience for individuals and families looking to enjoy a high-quality lifestyle and build lasting connections in a picturesque and welcoming environment. Next Article

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