Sofive Upland

Sofive Upland in Upland, California, is a state-of-the-art sports facility dedicated to the world’s most popular sport, soccer. Conveniently located in the city, this facility has become a focal point for soccer enthusiasts, athletes, and families looking for an exciting and top-quality soccer experience.


Sofive Upland stands out due to its cutting-edge facilities. The complex features several FIFA-approved, small-sided soccer fields with premium artificial turf. These fields are designed to provide an authentic playing experience, allowing players to enjoy the beautiful game in a controlled and safe environment.


One of the standout features of Sofive Upland is its commitment to providing year-round soccer opportunities. Regardless of the weather, players can enjoy the sport without interruptions. The indoor fields are equipped with advanced lighting, climate control, and a safe, clean atmosphere, ensuring that soccer can be enjoyed 365 days a year. View More


Sofive Upland hosts a variety of soccer leagues for players of all ages and skill levels. From youth leagues that encourage skill development and teamwork to adult leagues that offer a competitive and fun playing experience, there’s a league for everyone. This diversity allows families and individuals to engage in the sport, enhancing their love for soccer.


For aspiring young soccer players, Sofive Upland offers youth development programs led by experienced coaches. These programs focus on skill-building, tactical understanding, and fostering a passion for the sport. The emphasis on youth development reflects the facility’s dedication to nurturing the next generation of soccer stars.


Sofive Upland is not just a soccer haven but also a versatile event space. Whether it’s a birthday party, corporate event, or team-building activity, the facility offers tailored packages to suit various needs. The combination of sports and event hosting makes Sofive Upland a well-rounded destination for both sports enthusiasts and event planners.


The facility also features a cafe and comfortable viewing areas where friends and family can relax and watch the games. This creates a social hub for those who come to support their loved ones on the field while enjoying refreshments.


Sofive Upland in Upland, CA, is more than just a soccer facility; it’s a hub for soccer enthusiasts and a versatile space for various events. With its top-notch facilities, year-round play, youth development programs, and diverse leagues, Sofive Upland has solidified its place as a premier destination for soccer lovers of all ages. Next Article

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