Cooper Regional History Museum

The Cooper Regional History Museum, located at 217 E A St, Upland, CA 91786, is a must-see attraction. This intriguing museum is committed to preserving and presenting the rich heritage of California’s Inland Empire region. Visitors can explore exhibitions featuring artifacts and papers from the region’s past, such as Native American implements and ceramics, pioneer-era household items, and photographs and records from the region’s early days. Browse this site

The Cooper Regional History Museum, in addition to its displays, offers a variety of educational activities and events. These include lectures and speeches by local specialists, workshops and lessons on genealogy and local history, as well as special events and celebrations held throughout the year. The research library inside the museum is free to the public, allowing visitors to delve even further into the region’s history. Next post

The Cooper Regional History Museum is more than just a historical museum. It also works to involve local communities in the preservation and understanding of the region’s heritage. Whether you are a history fan or simply looking for something fascinating and informative to do in Upland, CA, the Cooper Regional History Museum is a great place to go.

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